Lessons learned

Only had one show this weekend. The Hotel Lafayette in Marietta Ohio  ( Lafayettehotel.com ) is where I have my standing winter gig. I am the host of their Comedy Club ever Saturday in November through March. It's an amazing historic hotel and you should check it out sometime. It is an amazing opportunity in a really cool hotel staffed by the greatest people in the world! It's especially cool for me because I get to work with some of the funniest traveling comics in the country. 
This weekend was no exception. My friend Adam Dodd from New York came in and we had a great show! The feature was a very funny friend from Cleveland named Rob Ward. Ant Morrow, also from Cleveland did a guest set.

On to the show. I called the Hotel on Friday and there were only 40 tickets sold. Between Friday and Saturday at showtime, they sold out the show! I went on and did 9 minutes. I have dome the same set before and I thought I had a solid 10 minutes. Luckily, I video'd the set and upon review, realized that I was very rushed and spoke too rapidly. I still had a solid set. I give myself a B+.

So what have I learned this week? Always video your sets. Slow down! And Adam Dodd is a beast!

Three shows this week starting with Rocky's Pizza Ring tonight, Marysville, Ohio VFW on Friday and Marietta Saturday for their Valentines Day Extravaganza!