My first time stand up.

This was originally written on November 9th 2011, the day after I went on stage for the first time.

Here is the story of ym first attempt at stand up.

Ok, last night I tried standup for the first time.I had always had a thought in the back of my mind that I wanted to try it but it was a vague interest.

The after a 2 year fight, my fatherdied from cancer in September.This hammered home the idea that we have finite timehere on earth and I was determined not to have any regrets.I was fortunate enough to meet comedienne Lori Graves via FaceBook through a mutual friend.She hosts a stand up open mic night at The Crosskeys Tavern in Chillicothe every month.She is an accomplished performer and definitely worth a trip to see.Shortly after I met, also via FaceBook Comedian Mike Boyle and Mike Bova who have an established internet radio show and are both very talented.

I made an investigatory journey to Crosskeys in October and was very pleased with what I saw.Lori could not have been a more gracious and funny featured performer.The other comedians were very funny but the were average people, just like me!So, with the encouragement of Lori, Mike and Mike, I started to put together "an act".I had no idea how to write comedy but I had confidence that I knew what was funny.As the days until the next open mic went by, I wrote and re-wrote. Each day the "Fear Factor" ratcheted up a notch. Finally I had enough material to fill the amount of time that I was alloted.

Well, last night was the night! I got a haircut, shined up my shoes and went over to Chillicothe. My faithful friend, Jared Sims went over for support and filming purposes. Thanks Jared! I'm not gonna lie, I was a s scraed as I have ever been.I got there about 2 hours before the show and oredred a beer. I didn't want to get drunk but I needed something to calm me down. I was a nervous wreck!I bet I dodn't say 5 words on the 35 minute trip over there.Luckily, Jared is a motor mouth and didn't shut up.I don't think he even noticed. After another beer, still not drunk, the time was getting closer. I'm not gonna lie at 25 minutes before showtime, I was so nervous that I went into the bathroom and got sick. Ha ha I'm a real tough guy. After cleaning myself up, it was showtime.

I went on to a very gracious round of applause from the awesome Crosskeys comedy crowd.Immediately, I felt a high like I have never felt before. I made a wise crack and heard some light laughs out in the crowd. Yes!

As I went through my prepared jokes I grew a little more confident.Soon I was laughing aling with the crowd and we all were enjoying it together. All too soon my set was over and my shining monet (for now) was gone.

All the way home, I silently basked and savored the memory I had just made. All i can say is, if you have a dream you should pursue it.

RIP Easy Ed. It wasn't as good as you would have done, but it was the best that I could do. I miss you Dad