I'm a comedian?

Well, this weekend was my first paid weekend hosting at a comedy club. I had done single nights before but this was my first full weekend. I hosted at Wiley's in Dayton for John Mulroney. The feature was Jack Legg. I had three very different shows. Friday night we had a very sparse crowd with less than 15 in attendance but they were a high energy, enthusiastic group. Great show. Saturday we had to two very different shows. The first show looked to be better thank the night before because it had a lot more people. This unfortunately was not the case. They were a low energy, quiet bunch. Neither myself, the feature, nor the headliner could get much out of them. The 2nd show on Saturday made up for everything. Big crowd and they were too laugh! Boy did we have fun! 

But the best part of the weekend was post show Saturday night just hanging out and spending time with the Headliner, feature and club owner talking about comedy. These "BS" sessions have taught me so much about comedy. It's always cool to hear road stories from people who have been there and done that. 

The staff at Wiley's could not have treated us better! Gary Wood was very generous in hiring me, thank you sir! Erika, Heather, Raffine'e, Nick, Ed and Jeff are the bomb! If you're in Dayton and want a great night out, Wiley's won't disappoint!